Shaya – Searchin’ – 2019

Feel My Love – Official Music Video. Premiered on 11 Jun 2019


Shaya developed the album Stronger, being signed to Spider-Music. Spider-music did not live up to the contract signed with Shaya, why Shaya did not want to release to album together with Spider-music and terminated the contract. 

Spider-music released the album anyway, because the actual recordings belongs to them. Shaya will re-master the album and release again in the future. Feel free to listen to the album currently released at Youtube.

Shaya wrote I’m taking over together with Danish Christoffer Stjerne and Greek Theodore Papantonis during summer 2016, but first after visiting the SOS International Childrens Village Vari in Athens, the music really came to live together with a choir from the village, and the cooperation between Shaya and the kids. 

The hope is that the video will inspire children and adults around the world, to build more self-confidence and feel more responsibility by taking over the control of the personal life, and that way staying happier, stronger and healthy.

Shaya & The Dominants live Thessaloniki
In 2016 Shaya created her own band ”Shaya and the Dominants”, together with musician from the music academy in Athens, and they will tour around the world together with Shaya.


“MΑΖΙ και ΜΑΚΡΙΑ” is now translated to English and released with music video through Sony Music Entertainment Turkey, showing Shaya’s current music style which is more relaxed and with focus on her beautiful vocal. Her voice is in perfect harmony with the blues, soul, jazz sound that blends perfectly into the rhythmic temperament of Shaya’s soul and unites the Nordic sound with the Greek soul since she currently lives in Athens. 

The single as well as the English language version is composed and written in a teamwork between Thomas and Jeppe Reil, Christopher Wortley and Shaya.

Shaya released the first single in Greek language, for her coming album.
The single is named “MΑΖΙ και ΜΑΚΡΙΑ” and have lyrics written by award winning lyricist, Evanthia Magnes. (Ευανθίας Μάγνη)

The music is composed and written in a teamwork between Thomas and Jeppe Reil, Christopher Wortley and Shaya Hansen.


Shaya was featuring artist at the video “Dirty talk”, with the Greek artist Kon Cept. which reached the top 30 charts in China, Russia and other countries.

Shaya act and sings in the musical “Sweet charity” at Badminton Theater in Athens.

The band “The Dominants” start rehearsals together with Shaya, and plan to go on tour together in 2016.


March 5th 2015 Shaya participated in the Greek Eurovision Song Contest in Athens by special invitation with the song Sunshine. Unfortunately she did not win, but she did an amazing show and won the hearts of the Greek people. 

The Greek people voted her as winner, but the national referees pointed towards a ballad song by Maria-Eleni Kyriakou, why she in the overall battle was elected winner in Greece.

Medio March 2015 Shaya’s new video single “ΕΥΚΟΛΑ”, “EASY” was released.
That same year she collaborated with Dino MFU with the song I’m in love released by “Zero 10 records”
and also a song with BO called “Kalokairini kardia” released by Cobalt Music both very successful with more than 500.000 views on youtube.


End of 2014 Shaya went to Australia and performed 2 successful shows in Melbourne together with Mark Angelo.

Autum 2014 she again released a new music video together with Mark F. Angelo, with whom she recorded the “Far From Everything” now reaching more than 5.000.000 hits at Youtube.

During the summer Shaya went to Denmark where she composed 2 new songs for her coming album, together with the Thomas and Jeppe Reil and Christopher Worthley from Southampton, and also had time to perform 2 solo shows in Copenhagen.

Shaya released a Greek solo RnB song Giati Prepei featured by Zeraw

In February 2014 Shaya collaborated once more with Dino MFU with the song “I wonder” (artist of the most well known pop group called “Vegas” in Greece).

In 2014 she also participated in the well known Broadway musical “Priscilla” acting as one of the Divas.


During 2013 Shaya had her own show for 2 months in Dubai, and she released a solo single with My Group and Universal records Greece called “Love Me” which was very successful in the Greek market.

Shaya released ”Turn it up” music video with Greek Bo as featuring artist.


In June 2012 she was sponsored by Carroten with the song “Summer’s all around” a collaboration with House Twins and Slick beats and it reached over 1.500.000 views on Youtube, and was the major summer hit that year.


She won the best Greek act at MTV Europe Music Award in Belfast in 2011 for the “Far from everything”, together with Mark Angelo.

Leading to the MTV award, was the release of 2 new versions of “Far From Everything, an acoustic version by Mark F. Angelo and a club remix by the famous Belgian producer, Emanuel Kosh. Both remixes helped push the track to peak positions on the local radio airplay chart.
“Far from everything” became a huge hit and almost topped the National Airplay Chart (went as high as #2, losing #1 spot to Shakira’s “Loca”).

In June 2011, Shaya performed live at MAD VMA, only to get the best reviews from both the audience and media people.
Her set included her hits “In Your Eyes”, “Far From Everything” and her brand new single “If Only”, all from her solo album “Resurrection” at Sony Records.

Shaya then went on a tour all around Greece, alongside Mark F. Angelo, in a series of very successful live shows including playing support for David Guetta in Montenegro.

Shaya released her debut solo album titled Resurrection in January 2011. Shaya wrote music and lyrics to a number of the tracks on the album.


Shaya released the first single from her debut solo album in November 2010 titled “In Your Eyes” which reached over 5.000.000 hits at Youtube.
In June 2010 Shaya released the song “Far From Everything”, together with Mark F. Angelo.