Booking & Contact info

Book Shaya worldwide for your corporate events, private parties, wedding, festivals, clubs, restaurants, season events and fashion photoshoots. 

Shaya Hansen


WhatsApp: +306937048698 Shaya Hansen

Booking Agent: Spiros Kalamatianos


WhatsApp: +306985651251 Spiros Kalamatianos

Sound Rider
Microphone Shure Ulxd  beta 58.
InEar transmitter and body pack (Shure or Sennheiser)
One digital mixing desk for compression,  reverb and InEar mix
Stage for the artist (at least 3×2,50m)
Lights (follow spot or some way to illuminate the artist)
And one person to operate the mixing desk (sound engineer)
Playback will be supplied by USB drive.
Contact us if no USB playback is possible.
Sound check required.

Event information
Maximum performing time 1 1/2 hour with minimum one 20′ break.
Styling is provided by the well known stylist Dionisis Piromalis for every booked show (weddings, corporate, club, theme event)

Travel Info
Travel experiences covered for two.
Minimum 4 star hotel, separate rooms with in room WiFi.
Transport provided for all movements.
3 meals per day should be provided.
In case of an coronavirus infection extra stay must be covered…only if PCR test is required for our return.

For air travel:
Star Alliance number 131377234
Qatar Airways number 502267048

Extra Show Info
Musicians can be provided ( we recommend our percussionist Eren & our saxophonist Sam &  Tony all performer musicians especially for lounge,disco and House music event) at an additional cost.

We have collaboration with a Luxury Entertainment agency based in Athens and Mykonos,Greece that can provide, dancers, costumes, decorations, theme acts etc.

Also if you are looking for a more spectacular show we are also in contact with the most experienced fire artists, pixel artists, aerial acrobats, belly dancers, magicians, commercial dancers etc.