“Tell me” is Shaya’s first single from her new album and is a milestone for showing Shaya’s new music style which is more relaxed and with focus on her beautiful vocal. Her voice is in perfect harmony with the blues, soul, jazz sound that blends perfectly into the rhythmic temperament of Shaya’s soul and unites the Nordic sound with the Greek soul since she currently lives in Athens.

It has also been released in Greek language with the title “MΑΖΙ και ΜΑΚΡΙΑ” with lyrics written by award winning lyricist, Evanthia Magnes. (Ευανθίας Μάγνη)

The single as well as the English language version is composed and written in a teamwork between Thomas and Jeppe Reil, Christopher Wortley and Shaya Hansen. Shaya represents and expresses her new musical style and unfolds her true self through the new label partnership with Spider-Music and the future will bring many new songs and music videos. [Go to iTunes ]